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Spider Friends With Benefits

Artist: fred perry
Parody: spider-man
This Fred Perry comic is brought to you by your Soul King baby!

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (13)
  1. Marth Fire Emblem
    Marth Fire Emblem 15 July 2020 02:50 Reply
    Great art, fair length.  Fred Perry never dissapoints.  Bonus points for Deku and Froppy, but why is Brook there?  
    1. Marth Fire Emblem
      Marth Fire Emblem 15 July 2020 02:51 Reply
      Never mind
  2. Guest lostinthenet
    Guest lostinthenet 15 July 2020 02:52 Reply
    It's kinda late for this isn't it?
    1. Marth Fire Emblem
      Marth Fire Emblem 15 July 2020 04:17 Reply
      It's never too late
  3. Moxxie_imp666
    Moxxie_imp666 15 July 2020 03:24 Reply
    hot, enjoyable, i like it 9/10

  4. NZ
    NZ 15 July 2020 04:40 Reply
    I would love to see a one piece themed comic from my favorite comic writer and artist. I love the art style please don’t ever stop. You got a gift.
  5. Soul King Brook
    Soul King Brook 15 July 2020 05:51 Reply
    Because your Soul King decided to try something out and make his presence known baby!
  6. Guest Unknown
    Guest Unknown 15 July 2020 06:32 Reply
    1. U can se tsuyu and deku in the background is that a teaser for deku x tsuyu smash 3
  7. .
    . 15 July 2020 09:58 Reply
    Guys I'm not 100% sure thats deku
  8. The Random Guy
    The Random Guy 15 July 2020 13:24 Reply
    Am I the only one who thinks there should be more? 
  9. Guest Guest
    Guest Guest 15 July 2020 16:39 Reply
    This actually makes canonical sense, since the pheromones actually happened to Peter and Cindy, but that was because they were bit by the same spider, so....
    Anyway, nice nod to the comics and a good read as well
  10. AzraelHunter
    AzraelHunter 15 July 2020 17:56 Reply
    You never disappointing us
  11. Kitty the mage
    Kitty the mage 3 August 2020 11:24 Reply
    This is very funny