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Hungry Single Mothers

Artist: juna juna juice
Sorry if the last juna juna juice comic pissed you off.
I did't intend for you to hate it.

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (8)
  1. M
    M 7 July 2020 09:54 Reply
    When you are fucking a girl but then you remember she is someone else's mother
  2. Guest lol
    Guest lol 11 July 2020 13:21 Reply
    i like whitehead's kid
  3. Guest Brandon
    Guest Brandon 13 July 2020 14:47 Reply
    I think your last comic was good. Don’t let people shit on your art anything you make is special because it is you.. I hope you get this
  4. Shadow041017
    Shadow041017 17 July 2020 05:05 Reply
    Hot really hot but I’m still waiting for continuous of My Hearum Acidamia 
  5. chaoslover2002
    chaoslover2002 18 July 2020 07:58 Reply
    Your last comic was great! I enjoyed the story! Please dint be discouraged!
    EVILASF 24 July 2020 08:58 Reply
    Don't encourage NTR people it's not a very pleasing genre and people shit on it for a reason......BECAUSE IT FUCKING SUCKS 
  7. Guest Leola
    Guest Leola 24 July 2020 20:32 Reply
    Love your comic bro don't let  anyone tell you different if they don't like your comic tell them to go f*** off
  8. Suck-my-Ass-911
    Suck-my-Ass-911 19 August 2020 20:02 Reply
    Good stuff 👽👌