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Big Game

Artist: strikeanywhere

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (8)
  1. Samael The Sergal
    Samael The Sergal 26 June 2020 21:21 Reply
  2. Some guy
    Some guy 26 June 2020 23:49 Reply
    R.I.P. her guts
  3. Painwheel
    Painwheel 27 June 2020 07:13 Reply
    Damn, I RIP my dick from this, and the artwork fantastic with a nice storyline, keep it up <3
    1. Lucifer: King of Demons
      Lucifer: King of Demons 27 June 2020 10:43 Reply
      I agree with you Ms. Painwheel, though not on the RIP dick part. Im still fine and ready for another round
  4. Jaxarabit
    Jaxarabit 27 June 2020 08:13 Reply
    Where are the friggin ninja turtles!?
  5. Filia
    Filia 28 June 2020 16:09 Reply
    That shit looked painful.
    1. DigitalArt56
      DigitalArt56 8 July 2020 07:00 Reply
      Dude she is just a pile of flesh now...her bones are now shredded
  6. Guest Alice
    Guest Alice Today, 13:07 Reply
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