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Ayaka's diary 3

Artist: namelesspeasant

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (3)
  1. Space Toast
    Space Toast 10 April 2020 10:37 Reply
    Oh yeah, this cursed shite. Yeah, it's not great. Story is shite, the 3d assets used for the comic are terrible, and the translation could be better. Rather drink warm Cola than wank to this.
    1. Mc meme
      Mc meme 11 April 2020 09:28 Reply
      What’s wrong with warm cola?
  2. HolyCrusader
    HolyCrusader 10 April 2020 12:25 Reply
    This is geting downhill real fast. I don't know why i read it at that point. Anyway i again bring some Holy Water Anyone wants some?