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Wendy's Special Sauce (Ongoing)

Artist: fred perry
Your Burger Is Ready <3
claimed by tendie

Wendy's Special Sauce (Ongoing)
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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (31)
  1. God man
    God man 26 January 2020 16:55 Reply
    Claimed for god
      CLAIMED BITCH 1 March 2020 07:40 Reply
      not even claim worth-y enough for Zeus, there were food puns, im think of grease when she said "tender-izer". Grease pussy juice.
      1. pls explain
        pls explain 23 June 2020 11:21 Reply
        can anyone explain it to me : what is claiming or what does it do ??? ( I am a big ol rookie )

        1. Eman0904
          Eman0904 25 July 2020 21:19 Reply
          claiming is... honestly, I've been here for something like 2 years, and I still don't understand it, just like I still don't understand the role players...
  2. CEO of McDonalds
    CEO of McDonalds 26 January 2020 20:53 Reply
    delete or lawsuit
  3. Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 26 January 2020 21:50 Reply
    Guest can’t claim but I do claim for the empires new space Wendy’s. Space Wendy’s, it’s Wendy’s but in space!
  4. Bullshit
    Bullshit 27 January 2020 01:23 Reply
    Guests can claim we have lives your just nobody's who stay home all day and until the start people post something saying it then guests can and will claim 

    1. Miles
      Miles 27 January 2020 02:37 Reply
      Guests have no rights here
      1. Niggatuo
        Niggatuo 27 January 2020 06:06 Reply
        Guess what bitches 

        1. Albedo V2.0
          Albedo V2.0 27 January 2020 11:51 Reply
          I guess that you have a little Dick and a low enduranced 
          1. Niggatuo
            Niggatuo 28 January 2020 01:05 Reply
            No bitch I fucked your mom and I found out your just a fat big tell your mom big daddy said hi see what she says
            1. Albedo V2.0
              Albedo V2.0 21 February 2020 02:26 Reply
              Sorry I don't have a mom I was created by the Great Tabula Smaragdina
      2. Miles is gay
        Miles is gay 25 August 2020 14:42 Reply
        Nobody loves you
    2. Darth Vader
      Darth Vader 27 January 2020 03:37 Reply
      Sorry but if you don’t have the time or energy to make an actual account then your a lower life form than anything on this site.
    3. Lord Shaxx
      Lord Shaxx 27 January 2020 06:41 Reply
      your season pass to being alive has expired.
  5. Lusty
    Lusty 27 January 2020 03:28 Reply
    I need more
  6. Some Porn Addict
    Some Porn Addict 27 January 2020 05:22 Reply
    I agree with lord
    ​also space Wendy’s is the shit

  7. TotallyNotPyro
    TotallyNotPyro 27 January 2020 05:46 Reply
  8. Guest nigger
    Guest nigger 27 January 2020 07:13 Reply
    joker and harlequin: origins
  9. Love Machine
    Love Machine 27 January 2020 08:01 Reply
    Just like my fan fiction
  10. Afghanistan999
    Afghanistan999 27 January 2020 08:02 Reply
  11. Master of Masters
    Master of Masters 27 January 2020 08:30 Reply
    You know it is easy to become a character, right?
  12. Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna 27 January 2020 08:34 Reply
    I would like my number 666 with extra mayonnaise Wendy.
    1. Albedo V2.0
      Albedo V2.0 27 January 2020 11:50 Reply
      Good choice Giornio Dono
  13. CEO of Wendy’s
    CEO of Wendy’s 27 January 2020 17:46 Reply
    Very pleased keep it up
    1. Lucifer. Allpowerful Demon Lord
      Lucifer. Allpowerful Demon Lord 28 January 2020 01:39 Reply
      Where's my order Wendy, I want the best meat you gor


  14. TheShrekening
    TheShrekening 11 February 2020 05:36 Reply
    Budabumbumbum I’m lovin’ it ;)
  15. Dobonehunkero
    Dobonehunkero 17 February 2020 19:43 Reply
    Now that’s what I call, Food Porn.
  16. Yosuke Hanamura
    Yosuke Hanamura 6 June 2020 15:25 Reply
    Ugh how this shops can be better than junes?
  17. I am a lower life form
    I am a lower life form 9 July 2020 17:58 Reply
    I am a guest I and I will abide to these laws
  18. Poor mcdon employee
    Poor mcdon employee 23 July 2020 05:37 Reply
    Please continue I want him to suffer