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Bokura no Himitsu ( JoJo's Bizarre adventure)

Artist: kotatsu
You better not nut or we'll kick your ass this was posted by the passione gang

Bokura no Himitsu ( JoJo's Bizarre adventure)

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (34)
  1. Persci
    Persci 7 November 2019 01:32 Reply
    Why would you do that giorno
  2. Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna 7 November 2019 01:34 Reply
    If you lose No nut November to female Jotaro
    ​That is all
    1. Dio-Brando
      Dio-Brando 16 November 2019 08:30 Reply
  3. Persci
    Persci 7 November 2019 01:39 Reply
    You can't it I'm Al ready deeeead

    1. Giorno Giovanna
      Giorno Giovanna 7 November 2019 01:51 Reply
      Dammit I'll get you in the afterlife beeeeetch
  4. Josuke Higashikata
    Josuke Higashikata 7 November 2019 02:17 Reply
    Female Jotaro hard to fap to, due to fact that every time i see this i just see male Jotaro
  5. Bruno Bucciarati
    Bruno Bucciarati 7 November 2019 02:41 Reply
    I thought I raised you well Giorno. What did I do wrong and you became this bad?
    1. Giorno Giovanna
      Giorno Giovanna 7 November 2019 04:10 Reply
      You licked my face bruno 😥 You licked my fucking face.
      1. G.E.R.
        G.E.R. 15 November 2019 05:07 Reply
        You knew each other for eight days so...
      2. Dio-Brando
        Dio-Brando 16 November 2019 12:59 Reply
        Huh i thought i was a bad father but bruno seems to be worse
      3. Guest Jevil the Joker
        Guest Jevil the Joker 20 April 2020 18:37 Reply
        And he ate your sweat?(I’m not sure if it spells right)
  6. Coolit_shlim
    Coolit_shlim 7 November 2019 02:47 Reply
    I can hear giornos theme in this comment section wtf
    1. Satin 2.0
      Satin 2.0 8 November 2019 03:36 Reply
      His posts ressonate with a... Chaotic energy.
  7. Sparkiesteight
    Sparkiesteight 7 November 2019 06:47 Reply
    Ur a master of torture how do u live with yourself 
  8. What the fuck
    What the fuck 7 November 2019 07:27 Reply
    Curse you Giorno 
  9. Michael
    Michael 7 November 2019 09:50 Reply
    As a Jotaro fan I find this shit to be royally fucked up.
  10. Cuck
    Cuck 7 November 2019 10:26 Reply
    J O T A R O  D I D  Y O U  L A Y  T H I S  E G G

  11. Diavolo
    Diavolo 7 November 2019 11:27 Reply
    Giorno I see you've finally fallen into the same darkness as me, truly gender bender comics are the Truth!
  12. Hirohiko Araki
    Hirohiko Araki 7 November 2019 12:35 Reply
    I'm not sure why but I find myself taking notes.
    1. A random guy
      A random guy 13 November 2019 07:43 Reply
      NO ARAKI
  13. johnny_Joestar
    johnny_Joestar 7 November 2019 16:43 Reply
    I don't know who I want to shoot more the creator or myself
    1. Guest Gyro
      Guest Gyro 7 November 2019 16:47 Reply
      Give 'em the spin Johnny
  14. LionMains
    LionMains 7 November 2019 17:10 Reply
    hypixelskyblock barrier boi

  15. Jojo Siwa
    Jojo Siwa 8 November 2019 05:34 Reply
    Giorno please stop
  16. Guest Jonathan Joestar
    Guest Jonathan Joestar 8 November 2019 07:54 Reply
    I hate what my descendants have become
  17. Joseph Joestar (Jojo)
    Joseph Joestar (Jojo) 16 November 2019 09:42 Reply
    Hey! I used that discise once! Not to mention it helped save the fucking world! 

    You have not only pissed Jotaro off, but me as well! I'm gunna shove a Hamon Sunlight Overdrive so far up your ass, your head will be a DISCOBALL! 
    1. Dio-Brando
      Dio-Brando 16 November 2019 13:02 Reply
      I hate to agree with the joestars but my stand za warudo and star platinum will destroy the creator's asshole
  18. Lord DIO
    Lord DIO 16 November 2019 09:58 Reply
    God fucking damn it Giorno, I should of killed your mother when I had the chance
  19. guestdeku
    guestdeku 19 November 2019 00:54 Reply
    hopefully this comment is too deep to find but i kind of got rock hard in the end
    1. bitch
      bitch 13 December 2019 20:14 Reply
      B   I   T   C   H
  20. Okuyasu-nijimura
    Okuyasu-nijimura 2 December 2019 13:00 Reply
    Hey that girl looks like jotaro!
  21. Jevil the Joker
    Jevil the Joker 20 April 2020 15:24 Reply
    ...why didn’t anyone say 
    K—a—k—y—o—y—i—n   N—o—l—y—a—k—i   !——
  22. Guest Jevil the Joker
    Guest Jevil the Joker 20 April 2020 18:33 Reply
    Ha! Jotaro had a sex!
    And “he”was the girl!
    And the boy was kakyoin!
    Hell yeah!
    (hit by emerald splash and star plantinum’s fists)
  23. The Lad
    The Lad 29 June 2020 23:18 Reply
    Sorry ladies, the hair-hat stays on during sex