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Artist: sexbad

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доп поле скриншотов
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  1. John_Smith
    John_Smith 17 October 2020 09:45 Reply
    Good comic, I liked the artwork even though it's kind of different from the first picture, but still nice that you get an offer to see the colored artwork if you follow sexbad, I also really like how Bryan gets to go over to Rixie because of the bracelit and how Sexbad uses the mathbook as a sybolm for the boner, however in terms of hotness then this story is showing us something a bit more real because their bodies are not made as if the are ideal, even though it makes the comic a little less hot, then it is still a good story, and if it is love,mthen it shows that love is everywhere. I don't know if it is love, that is Sexbad's job to make them have the talk about it, but I am looking forward to see more.
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