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New Kowloon – Type -3

Artist: chimneyspeak

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (10)
  1. Русский коментатор
    Русский коментатор 15 September 2020 00:46 Reply
    И вновь я на ледируещем месте чмошники
  2. pp
    pp 15 September 2020 02:33 Reply
    youve never tried acid have u lmao

    1. Cob Cannon
      Cob Cannon 15 September 2020 14:32 Reply
      Yeah, this isn’t what acid’s like at all lmao. This is more like DMT
  3. Goro majima
    Goro majima 15 September 2020 03:09 Reply
    Think about it if we knew the meaning of life and our purpose then wouldnt life feel meaningless because thats what we as humans do we search for a greater meaning

    But what do i know im just some guy on a porn site
    1. Satin 2.0
      Satin 2.0 15 September 2020 11:07 Reply
      Some guy on a porn site, who has a point.
  4. Гость с pornmult
    Гость с pornmult 15 September 2020 04:35 Reply
    Приветствую, брат

  5. Guest meh
    Guest meh 17 September 2020 00:19 Reply
    I never tried drugs before, I got a difficult body don't need more problems.
    besides I got something better, I suffer from chronic stress, an focus that makes you notice things that can drive you crazy and a photographic memory.
    headache combo.
    a horrible combination and weirdly enough candy gives me pleasant high, sometimes it knocks me out for 2 to 4 hours.
    I don't get a sugar rush I immediately crash.
    1. Cob Cannon
      Cob Cannon 17 September 2020 14:35 Reply
      Ever tried snorting sherbet?
  6. milotwillin
    milotwillin 17 September 2020 06:36 Reply
    MK Ultra. That right there is some serious CIA shit right there

  7. Dio-Brando
    Dio-Brando 8 November 2020 11:41 Reply
    Now that’s a hard drug I’d love to take