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A Good Walk

Artist: darkminou

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (5)
  1. Guest Noob
    Guest Noob 9 September 2020 19:25 Reply
    Ok... So seeing as this is wierd af . Ill try to explain it to myself and outhers . So if i got it correctly the lessbian couple wakes up and the fute has a gf that has ... No limbs ? Robotic limbs ? Wtever . And prosides to have a shame bdsm walk where her gf . Wilingly . Beacomes a dog and then gets fucked both by her futa mate , the person thr futa is fucking , and the pet that person owns ........ Im gonna stop now and raid the super market for all the bleach i can find 
    1. terrible
      terrible 10 September 2020 04:04 Reply
      Honestly not the worst I've seen, I've seen parts where girls get their limbs cut off and head cut off and the corpse gets violated along with skull fucking. unfortunately thx to my photographic memory I can't unsee that.
  2. Space marine
    Space marine 9 September 2020 21:54 Reply
    *smash exterminatus button*
  3. God-King Narwhal
    God-King Narwhal 11 September 2020 05:11 Reply
  4. Pls help
    Pls help 21 September 2020 00:27 Reply
    I need to burn my eyes now