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JoJo no Inmyou na Bouken

Group: zooerastia
Artist: toyomaru
What Better Way To Start The Year Other Than a fucked up Loli JoJo Comic eh eh?
Posted By Gio Gio

JoJo no Inmyou na Bouken

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (39)
  1. Percy Jackson
    Percy Jackson 28 June 2020 03:34 Reply
    Fuck no
  2. Josuke Higashikata_
    Josuke Higashikata_ 28 June 2020 04:22 Reply
    Yo what the fuck!
  3. The bird
    The bird 28 June 2020 04:48 Reply
    Not the monkey.
  4. G.E.R.
    G.E.R. 28 June 2020 05:11 Reply
    Giorno this isn't loli porn, she is literally a child
    1. Giorno Giovanna
      Giorno Giovanna 28 June 2020 05:17 Reply
      ...Its legal in Italy
      1. Dio-Brando
        Dio-Brando 28 June 2020 13:10 Reply
        Son the age of consent in Italy is 15 she’s only 12 try again 

        1. Fuck JOJO
          Fuck JOJO 28 June 2020 18:36 Reply
          We are all from italy here?
        2. whatdidyoujustcallme
          whatdidyoujustcallme 1 July 2020 09:25 Reply
          its actually 14 but yeah still, the comics fucked up.
  5. Verycool
    Verycool 28 June 2020 05:23 Reply
    fuck no
  6. Soul King Brook
    Soul King Brook 28 June 2020 05:43 Reply
    JoJo accounts explain yourselves
    1. Dio-Brando
      Dio-Brando 6 July 2020 01:49 Reply
      You’ll had nothing to do with this even tho my son posted it and the guy fucking the literal child does work for me I am in no way affiliated with this I think idk 
  7. Doom_slayer
    Doom_slayer 28 June 2020 07:30 Reply
    Honestly who ever liked this shit fucking kill yourself 

    Im usually against suicide but in this case fucking do it
    1. FUCK JOJO
      FUCK JOJO 28 June 2020 18:36 Reply
      Better tentacles
    JUDGMENTS CAMEO 28 June 2020 07:52 Reply
    Dam i wish my stand could make this all disappear hmm worth a shot HAIL 2 U dam didint work
  9. thesaucydorito
    thesaucydorito 28 June 2020 07:56 Reply
    We need bleach  stat
  10. c0c0
    c0c0 28 June 2020 08:06 Reply
    what the fuck
  11. Spidey
    Spidey 28 June 2020 08:27 Reply
    I might be focusing on th wrong thing, but why does it say "What Better Way To Start The Year" it's June
    1. Giorno Giovanna
      Giorno Giovanna 28 June 2020 09:15 Reply
      That's How long it took me to get the balls to post this cough cough.
      1. Space Toast
        Space Toast 28 June 2020 11:44 Reply
        Just pump yourself full of drugs. Ain't no better motivation to do shit that's like lyrics to backfire on ya than a head full a methamphetamines.
        1. Space Toast
          Space Toast 28 June 2020 11:44 Reply
          fucking hell what'd autocorrect do. Meant to say likely, not lyrics.
  12. Valentino
    Valentino 28 June 2020 08:46 Reply
    Nope, nuh uh, no way, even for a porn addict/Hell's top porn producer, this is wrong
  13. 少时诵诗书睡个好觉啊
     come on guys its better than the BL thing isnt it?
  14. Space Toast
    Space Toast 28 June 2020 11:46 Reply
    I think this is the worst thing on the site. You should be proud of that Giorno. Not every day you ger damn near the entire site to agree that this is cursed.
    1. Wheatly
      Wheatly 28 June 2020 13:56 Reply
      DID YOU KILL HIM?!?!
      1. Wheatly
        Wheatly 28 June 2020 13:57 Reply
        What kind of animal do you take me for of course I didn't kill him!!!!
  15. Chimera0401
    Chimera0401 28 June 2020 17:03 Reply
    Wow, is this Jojo reference? 
  16. Jay from Ninjago
    Jay from Ninjago 29 June 2020 04:17 Reply
    Giorno has gone insane
  17. TheLonelyTardis1
    TheLonelyTardis1 29 June 2020 04:48 Reply
    Jesus, Giorno, I know I'm not a saint but jesus christ!
  18. Damoi31
    Damoi31 29 June 2020 06:39 Reply
    Even satan whatch less horrible stuff than that

    Just scrool to the comment caus fuck that pedophile shit this shit can rival with 177013 im telling ya 
  19. Guest Hirohiko Araki
    Guest Hirohiko Araki 29 June 2020 11:55 Reply
    I-I'm speechless.
  20. McPatty
    McPatty 29 June 2020 12:36 Reply
    Fuck this shit.
  21. Strength
    Strength 29 June 2020 23:14 Reply
  22. what fuck
    what fuck 30 June 2020 08:34 Reply
    Warning! You are not allowed to view this text.
  23. I hate myself
    I hate myself 30 June 2020 15:55 Reply
    your off youre meds again giorno
  24. Pyro tf2
    Pyro tf2 30 June 2020 18:28 Reply
    this is why I need a stand SO THIS WON'T HAPPEN jotaro wtf

    I got a stand thanks to this when I got my own requiem thanks to this I can erase anything on the internet and I named it cyberchase theme
  25. Diego_Brando
    Diego_Brando 1 July 2020 15:22 Reply
    what in ZA FUCKO is this
    1. Dio-Brando
      Dio-Brando 6 July 2020 01:50 Reply
      Oh hey me 
  26. Someone who wants to fucking die
    Someone who wants to fucking die 2 July 2020 04:33 Reply
    I want Kars to snap my fucking neck after witnessing this.
  27. Weird lord
    Weird lord 6 August 2020 03:33 Reply
    I mean I liked it but i didn’t know her age at the time