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The appointment

Parody: black clover

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (7)
  1. Lord Diablo
    Lord Diablo 26 June 2020 20:14 Reply
    Everyone knows Asta is into sister Lily. 
    Also if it was all her dream that'd make this so much better.
  2. Guest bruh
    Guest bruh 26 June 2020 20:54 Reply
  3. sad weeb
    sad weeb 26 June 2020 21:22 Reply
    i personally want him to end up with mimosa so this is disgusting
  4. King of Monsters
    King of Monsters 26 June 2020 23:43 Reply
    this is heresy 
  5. Lucifer: King of Demons
    Lucifer: King of Demons 27 June 2020 10:45 Reply
    This is not hoe I picture this comic to be, but what the HELL.
  6. Clorox_Official
    Clorox_Official 27 June 2020 11:31 Reply
    We are pleased to bring you Clorox's official "Bleach Needs" rating scale, which is most likely a shitty analysis but what the fuck who cares.

    The art is nice, really liked the different angles of everything, although the whole scene is definitely rushed. I personally have been waiting for black clover and this is a good start, hoping for a wave to come soon. Asta x Noelle is obviously the best and Mimosa can go fight Bell for Yuno. Fight me. Also if you like Asta x Rebecca kindly go ask Langris to test his magic on you. All in all I definitely liked this first installment of the Black Clover comics.

    7.4/10 [One shot should do it.]

    1. mad weeb
      mad weeb 20 July 2020 20:30 Reply
      come on lets go mimosa x asta for life