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Ayaka's diary 5

Artist: namelesspeasant

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (6)
  1. HolyCrusader
    HolyCrusader 15 June 2020 04:51 Reply
    Wow finnaly something good in this bad story. Still this is bad as every other chapter except with first one which was ok (still bad but better then other ones).
    Thanks God its the end of this shit. That was coming to level of Emergence (I didnt read it so i dont know details) but the end here was better. The comics is still bad.

    And also here is some Holy Water if you need it.
    Cause i need it.

    Still dont know why i bothered to read all of this shit.
    JOSTAR 15 June 2020 18:16 Reply
    Well ,THIS sick story turn to some good now,finally she got her hope yet.
    BUT,if you make this new boy a fucking guy again ,l will send blade to you,okay?
    Actually, l want to see this poor girl 's revenge to those shit guys , only blood can calm down my anger.
    that's what i wanna say.
    1. Guest Yes
      Guest Yes 15 June 2020 22:08 Reply
  3. 奥利给
    奥利给 16 June 2020 13:14 Reply
    1. 爱莉酱
      爱莉酱 24 June 2020 14:20 Reply
  4. Christel
    Christel 10 July 2020 13:16 Reply
    I like the way she is abused and to see that she loves it. I can understand this Greats, Christel