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Demon's Layer

Group: slipshine
Artist: skelebutt

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (4)
  1. Yu Narukami
    Yu Narukami 31 May 2020 04:17 Reply
    Review that's not lazy, the story is definitely better than most but it's mainly about sex ( I mean of course it's a freaking porn comic) put that aside the artwork is pretty professional I wouldn't be surprised if the person making this head high in gear (art 9.5/10 ) story I'd say 7/10 lewdness 8.9/10 is good would fall again
  2. Albedo V2.0
    Albedo V2.0 31 May 2020 04:18 Reply
    Wow, I'm flabbergasted about this

  3. Yosuke Hanamura
    Yosuke Hanamura 12 June 2020 01:17 Reply
    A good comics quality woth good story 
  4. Lucifer: King of Demons
    Lucifer: King of Demons 8 July 2020 12:59 Reply