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Sentehisshou Yudantaiteki

Group: ukkaridou
Artist: shimazu isami
Parody: pokemon

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (8)
  1. Space Patrol Delta
    Space Patrol Delta 28 May 2020 06:02 Reply
    Wtf is up with all the pokemon comics recently? Theres too many of them for one man to nut to.
  2. Lloyd:Mac and cheese messiah
    First it was MLP, then it was Naruto, then it was pokemon sun and moon, Then it was pokegirls now its JUST FUCKING MISTY 

  3. Albedo V2.0
    Albedo V2.0 28 May 2020 06:23 Reply
    I haven't seen any MLP? If you mean the MLP of the old days I can agree with it
    1. Albedo V2.0
      Albedo V2.0 28 May 2020 06:24 Reply
      How about they make an albedo and momonga! Porn comic?!!!!
      1. Akira Kurusu
        Akira Kurusu 28 May 2020 09:37 Reply
        Uh probably not
  4. Niggatuo
    Niggatuo 28 May 2020 10:14 Reply
    Holy fucking shit why is there so many fucking Pokemon comics 

    Let's try and make some original comics
  5. I hate myself
    I hate myself 28 May 2020 16:02 Reply
    Almost every new comic is just loli
  6. LinuxCat
    LinuxCat 28 May 2020 20:09 Reply
    And how many Misty comics do you wanna upload ?

    Uploader : YES