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Ankai no Umi Ocean of Darkness

Artist: nakamura regura

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (9)
  1. Impurity Stones
    Impurity Stones 22 May 2020 05:10 Reply
    We impurity stones want to stone someone!!
    1. Space_core
      Space_core 22 May 2020 06:38 Reply
  2. Igris, The Shadow Marshal
    Igris, The Shadow Marshal 22 May 2020 07:32 Reply
    I feel like she is evil due to her last words...
    1. Interdimensional yeeter
      Interdimensional yeeter 22 May 2020 21:19 Reply
      I personally think she became just way attached to the kid
  3. Ye
    Ye 22 May 2020 09:26 Reply
    Elegant, sexy, pretty good wife material, maybe a lil obsessed but that’s okay. If I were a dude I’d love her. I’d wife her if I could but I’m a girl and more onto dicks then pussies. Still a pretty good comic tho so for me personally for plot 10/10
  4. Some guy
    Some guy 3 June 2020 02:57 Reply
    I think he freaking died
  5. Guest Zero
    Guest Zero 3 July 2020 19:04 Reply
    Can someon give me a link to more of this guys dojin

  6. Gooshooter
    Gooshooter 5 September 2020 09:07 Reply
    I think she killed him. . .with her boobs. ಡ︵ಡ
    1. Chester
      Chester 5 September 2020 15:11 Reply
      Nah during the last page you can see him sucking her breast