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Ada Wong no Irojikake Kanseiban

Artist: sgk
Parody: resident evil

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (6)
  1. Porn Inspector
    Porn Inspector 5 April 2020 07:45 Reply
    Just fucking save the world dont fucking fuck while theres an outbreak look what happened to those two couples in the walking dead
    1. Love Machine
      Love Machine 5 April 2020 07:58 Reply
      Hey man when shit hits the fan sometimes you need to bust a nut in your lover's guts to calm down, let them love each other.
  2. Love Machine
    Love Machine 5 April 2020 08:02 Reply
    The Love Machine approves, this comic shows a progressing love that's fun to follow, the characters really start to get into which can draw you in more because of their enthusiasm, and the art and action really flexes this point. The Love Machines verdict 10/10
  3. -
    - 5 April 2020 10:01 Reply
    I haven’t found any references to the SnapCube’s fundub. I’m disappointed 
  4. King of Monsters
    King of Monsters 6 April 2020 09:15 Reply
    they all died because the monster was on the train
    1. Dear deer
      Dear deer 7 July 2020 16:43 Reply
      well,that's the correct answer