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Sacrificial Mother | Ikenie no Haha

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (9)
  1. Dralyleh
    Dralyleh 3 April 2020 04:16 Reply
  2. Love Machine
    Love Machine 3 April 2020 05:45 Reply
    Rape, gangbanging, humiliation, blackmail. Fucking Heathens. Comics like this is why The Love Machine was created, because theres so many comics like this one that lacks any type of pure LOVE. The Love Machine yearns to find manga that show LOVE in its purest form because nowadays it feels like LOVE is being forgotten just to make a comic fap worthy. I won't insult anyone who has a rape, or gang banging fetish etc. but The Love Machine can not approve 0/10
  3. Porn Inspector
    Porn Inspector 3 April 2020 08:18 Reply
    hell nah
  4. Guest Unknown
    Guest Unknown 3 April 2020 09:32 Reply
    The son is such a bitch I swear, they didn't tell the husband or call the police like you just go let the shit happen, and I hope all three of them bullies just die idgaf what from, just die already. This shit gets an -0/10🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽
  5. The Unknown Society
    The Unknown Society 3 April 2020 23:40 Reply
    once again out of character comics like this are fucking hideous, i dont care if theres a speck of light in this comic FUCK NO, whoever made this clearly is either mentally corrupted or way too fucking horny to make shit right
  6. King of Monsters
    King of Monsters 4 April 2020 05:31 Reply
    Haven't read it but from the start and the tags 0/10. Legit just got intrigued by the cover photo

    And the nine people who likes this are fucked up 
  7. hmmm
    hmmm 4 April 2020 15:41 Reply
    who the fuck have this kind of fucked up mind make this shit and why? very bad...

  8. ez win bois
    ez win bois 5 April 2020 13:30 Reply
    just stab knock them out and put anal beads in their dicks :^)
  9. Christiandicko7
    Christiandicko7 4 August 2020 04:45 Reply
    F*** you you little b**** ass n**** I hope that happens to your mom