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The Big Freshman

Artist: falcon mccooper

The Big Freshman

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Comments (15)
  1. Guest name
    Guest name 2 April 2020 02:44 Reply
    Nice plot

  2. Jojo Siwa
    Jojo Siwa 2 April 2020 04:36 Reply
    This had a surprisingly amazing plot for a porn comic 
  3. Horny gay boy
    Horny gay boy 2 April 2020 04:51 Reply
    Can we get a sequel 
  4. Love Machine
    Love Machine 2 April 2020 06:24 Reply
    The Love Machine approves. I will not make downplay the story it was good, although if your gonna make a story like this, with so much build up to them developing a relationship, then it needs more action, the story was good but it could've been better with more action. The blowjob was a good start and so was the breakfast scene, but with more action it would've had a more satisfying ending. The Love Machines verdict 8/10
  5. Braydon
    Braydon 2 April 2020 10:23 Reply
    Fam u gotta make a part 2

    Fam u gotta make a part 2
  6. satans true son
    satans true son 2 April 2020 20:56 Reply
    awww this was so cute ^^
  7. Shaco the demon jester
    Shaco the demon jester 3 April 2020 01:20 Reply
    Love the femboy act,  should have given the deer som small boobs for some tranny action 7/10
  8. Peludo
    Peludo 3 April 2020 03:42 Reply
    Além de veado é viado
  9. Guest Hupomux
    Guest Hupomux 3 April 2020 05:54 Reply
    I wasn't sure about to read this comic but i am happy now that i did read it  heart_eyes 
  10. Cute factor out of 10
    Cute factor out of 10 3 April 2020 09:49 Reply
    10000000 this is surprisingly cute tho.
  11. Eman0904
    Eman0904 5 April 2020 11:55 Reply
    Noticing a trend with the major commenters but  anyway, this was an awesome story with a good plot, good characters, and I'd say this could possibly be one of if not the best comic on this site, and I believe a part 2 would be well received.
  12. Federal Bureau of Sex Investigation
    Good ! I'm normally not a fan of yaoi, but this comics is really giod ! I claim this !
  13. Happy Day
    Happy Day 12 April 2020 02:42 Reply
    Holy shit the more common users are saying this is an amazing comic love machine, FBI, ETC. Do you know how revolutionary this is no dissaprovels from anyone this is truly a rare phenomena!!! Have a good day fellow peeps :> 
    1. Fiddlesticks the Ancient Fear
      Fiddlesticks the Ancient Fear 12 April 2020 03:04 Reply
      You got to be kidding me 
      *Pukes rainbow*
      This is revolutionary 
      For me it made my Dick go limp
      1. Fiddlesticks the Ancient Fear
        Fiddlesticks the Ancient Fear 12 April 2020 03:05 Reply
        It may be good but I kinda don't like yaoi