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Joker's Test of Endurance

Artist: kinkymation
Parody: persona 5
Claimed for everyone and their significant other so no dumbass in the comments do it.

Joker's Test of Endurance

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Comments (39)
  1. Meme
    Meme 22 February 2020 18:42 Reply
    Claimed for lord azien you filthy humans

    1. 2Strokes1Nut
      2Strokes1Nut 22 February 2020 18:59 Reply
      Read the top
  2. Aframp
    Aframp 22 February 2020 18:43 Reply
    Not claimed
    1. Giorno Giovanna
      Giorno Giovanna 22 February 2020 21:14 Reply
      Ha beeeeeeeetch knew one of y'all would try to do that also this is super late this was supposed to be a Valentine's day comic.
  3. 2Strokes1Nut
    2Strokes1Nut 22 February 2020 19:17 Reply
    Looking Cool, Joker!

    In all seriousness, this is a comic I was already familiar with before it’s upload here. The classic P5 harem setup, Joker sweet-talks the cast into giving him a fivesome, not unlike him. As a bonus, morgana gets cucked for a panel.

    Art: Ok (This may be rough but something about this artstyle doesn’t click for me, maybe it could use more dark shading or pallete cuz everything looks too light? I dunno I have this problem with a few other kinkymation comics

    Story: Really Good (Although not a shocking set up for those familiar with p5 porn, it brings good humor dialogue like the source gamewith unique enough twists on the premise)

    “Action”: Good (There’s good variety for all kinds of action, and the animated sections truly are a plus.)

    Overall Recommendation: Fap Once, if don’t agree with me about the artsyle and like p5, may be worth a save.
  4. Love Machine
    Love Machine 22 February 2020 21:24 Reply
    The Love Machine is sad that he cannot claim this fine piece of art but he will always give a fair verdict. After reading I have seen Joker do the very thing i want to do for everyone and that's providing LOVE to everyone that seeks it, so the Love Machine rates this comic 10/10
    1. Albedo V2.0
      Albedo V2.0 23 February 2020 01:46 Reply
      Good art it's nice to see something good not something bizzare unpleasant 10/10 
      1. Albedo V2.0
        Albedo V2.0 23 February 2020 02:01 Reply
        I mean bizarre 
        1. Giorno Giovanna
          Giorno Giovanna 23 February 2020 06:31 Reply
          Oh trust me you can be sure that I'll be posting something bizarre very soon...
          1. G.E.R.
            G.E.R. 23 February 2020 07:59 Reply
            That is a truth I want to reach
          2. TheShrekening
            TheShrekening 24 February 2020 00:18 Reply
            Being it on
            1. TheShrekening
              TheShrekening 24 February 2020 00:19 Reply

  5. Lord Diablo
    Lord Diablo 22 February 2020 21:24 Reply
    This one was really good and now my personal favourite 
  6. Rosé Goku Black
    Rosé Goku Black 22 February 2020 21:37 Reply
    Perfect 10/10
  7. Yu Narukami
    Yu Narukami 22 February 2020 23:19 Reply
    Whoa I'ma late

    Ok here's the thing I really like this artist and this is probably the only artist I tap to and somehow actually feel good after nutting to, 2strokes1nut has his own opinions but I overall think that the art glorious and that the story was well driven. I rate tho comic a 15/10 because I don't feel post nut clarity after fapping to this

    1. Yosuke Hanamura
      Yosuke Hanamura 6 June 2020 14:56 Reply
      Sorry bro... i was too late until now its better later than forever! Also i has the same opinion!
  8. DvLsTiM
    DvLsTiM 23 February 2020 02:36 Reply
    This..... Is so good tho 
  9. SansGaming
    SansGaming 23 February 2020 02:45 Reply
    Sans Gaming

  10. Makoto yuki
    Makoto yuki 23 February 2020 03:03 Reply
    I was wondering when this eventually come.really good in my opinion have seen it before on other sites glad it is now here 10/10 looking cool joker
    1. Ryuji Sakomoto
      Ryuji Sakomoto 6 March 2020 20:01 Reply
      penis ass
  11. Judge Lewd
    Judge Lewd 23 February 2020 07:00 Reply
    Tis nice
  12. Guest Guest
    Guest Guest 23 February 2020 07:54 Reply
    “Claimed for everyone”
    Sounds like communist propaganda but ok
    1. Giorno Giovanna
      Giorno Giovanna 23 February 2020 20:57 Reply
      This is communist propaganda join the empire.
      1. Akira Kurusu
        Akira Kurusu 24 February 2020 01:14 Reply
        You guys can have them, 10/10 for showing yours truly, but I kindof want to see P3 as well, P4 and 5 gets the most love
      2. Okyasu Nijimura
        Okyasu Nijimura 21 July 2020 18:11 Reply
        Who are you?
  13. Makoto yuki
    Makoto yuki 24 February 2020 05:45 Reply
    I wouldn't mind seeing some of my friends in action
    1. Yosuke Hanamura
      Yosuke Hanamura 6 June 2020 14:54 Reply
      I worry if i can get my own comics here
  14. User 01
    User 01 25 February 2020 18:09 Reply
    Noice bro
  15. demoman from team fortress 2
    demoman from team fortress 2 27 February 2020 20:00 Reply
  16. Chimera0401
    Chimera0401 29 February 2020 21:52 Reply
    Yeah joker sure into Smash. 
  17. Balgor
    Balgor 4 March 2020 06:32 Reply
    1. Balgor
      Balgor 4 March 2020 06:32 Reply
      Not the link above, the hentai
  18. Guest Sans
    Guest Sans 11 March 2020 08:17 Reply
    (Megalovania theme stops)
  19. Anubis
    Anubis 13 March 2020 05:43 Reply
    I feel like the should include caroline and justine
  20. Chapter Master Azrael
    Chapter Master Azrael 24 April 2020 21:31 Reply
    Dark Angels appeared in the sector to search for the Fallen

    No Fallen were found in the sector, but a signal was sent to the command headquarters for help due to the Tyranid invasion

    Received confirmation of
    The Tyranid invasion The Order began to plan its next actions
  21. Sojiro
    Sojiro 31 May 2020 23:12 Reply
    He ain't allowed in leblanc ever again now that I know what he's been doing. 
  22. E
    E 4 July 2020 08:36 Reply
    Bruh sojiro the chad
  23. ungee bungee man
    ungee bungee man 8 July 2020 18:45 Reply
    fun fact : you can date every single girl in persona in the japanese version ad every single girl would be fine with it 
  24. Marth Fire Emblem
    Marth Fire Emblem 18 July 2020 13:08 Reply