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Gwen and Wildmutt

Artist: medullamind
Parody: ben 10

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (23)
  1. Mike me
    Mike me 12 February 2020 02:32 Reply
  2. TheShrekening
    TheShrekening 12 February 2020 02:57 Reply
    I, Shrek, have decided to protect this guest... I claim this for Mike me
  3. The Unknown Soceity
    The Unknown Soceity 12 February 2020 03:03 Reply
    You must stop this shrek, guests are a hidden factor that represent nothing but false hoods.

    1. TheShrekening
      TheShrekening 12 February 2020 04:21 Reply
      It is too late, I have already spoken... If I am to be condemned by my own words, then so be it. At least I have the comfort of knowing that my judges, jurors, and prosecutors, are also my friends, enemies, and fellow memes. For I would not see the day where my fate is decided by bronies and lolis. I look upon these familiar profile pictures and know that you all share my sentiments. I would only ask that you look favorably unto an old friend......
      1. Friskyboy
        Friskyboy 12 February 2020 05:16 Reply
        The God has spoken
      2. G.E.R.
        G.E.R. 12 February 2020 05:23 Reply
        Shrek I admire your noble efforts to welcome the guest into the community, but also I hate the claiming thing. So I will hold my tongue in honor of your own decisions and I trust your judgement
      3. Guest Guest
        Guest Guest 12 February 2020 12:59 Reply
        The lord has spoken and we will take your words into our hearts. I am with you my liege.
      4. Yu Narukami
        Yu Narukami 13 February 2020 02:03 Reply
        Shrek I allow your mighty wisdom into this world, wait where's gio??

  4. Master guest 2019 lol
    Master guest 2019 lol 12 February 2020 03:31 Reply

    Look art so cute just not wildmut and more plz for the guests and non guest  of this page /site
  5. the elder
    the elder 12 February 2020 07:12 Reply
    I  remember a time when all users were equal guest or not
    1. Eman0904
      Eman0904 12 February 2020 08:59 Reply
      wasn't that long ago, though it feels like it's been forever
    2. Albedo V2.0
      Albedo V2.0 12 February 2020 14:05 Reply
      • I dearly want to return at that time it's peaceful and no claiming
  6. IDC
    IDC 12 February 2020 09:05 Reply
  7. Ultra Instinct Shaggy
    Ultra Instinct Shaggy 12 February 2020 20:52 Reply
    Shrek do you onions cuz I do and I lova ya swamp mine même friend 
    1. TheShrekening
      TheShrekening 12 February 2020 22:16 Reply
      Ultra Instict Shaggy! My brother in arms! Let us both onion, for what may be the last time.....
  8. Guest Thanos
    Guest Thanos 16 February 2020 09:34 Reply
    May all the memes come together in this twisted universe so they may not use their strength in vein, but use it for the glory of memes (snaps fingers).... Shrek.... may you raise the meme army as strong as my own and hopefully you will accept me into the ranks of your meme army......
    1. TheShrekening
      TheShrekening 22 February 2020 08:49 Reply
      It course my child... I welcome you with open arms! 
  9. Popy18
    Popy18 20 February 2020 11:53 Reply
    Why was this comment section more entertaining than the comic itself?? Lmao the fuck
  10. Guest Thanos
    Guest Thanos 29 February 2020 19:09 Reply
    Thank you Shrek.... I promise not to fail you....

    1. TheShrekening
      TheShrekening 5 March 2020 05:35 Reply
      I know you wont... You have already made me proud
  11. Guest wholesome
    Guest wholesome 8 March 2020 01:29 Reply
    This is the most wholesome comment section I have seen on a porn website
  12. Guest Thanos
    Guest Thanos 18 March 2020 07:59 Reply
    Thank you all father Shrek, i become more powerful and humbled by your presence for there is no power greater than yours and Shaggy's
  13. pedrofaria339
    pedrofaria339 4 September 2020 05:16 Reply
    Welp, she's dead.