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BobbyJr X Loan

Artist: lioxdz
Parody: the loud house
BobbyJr X Loan

14 pages
14 432
доп поле скриншотов
Comments (25)
  1. Soviet Comrade
    Soviet Comrade 26 January 2020 03:56 Reply
    1. opposite man
      opposite man 26 January 2020 06:30 Reply
      but its opposite day
      1. Guest BRUH
        Guest BRUH 26 January 2020 07:24 Reply
        That's gay
    2. Space Toast
      Space Toast 26 January 2020 08:59 Reply
      I'm sorry comrade, but guest accounts cannot claim, unless it is for others.

      Claimed in the name of Soviet Russia.
      1. Lucifer. Allpowerful Demon Lord
        Lucifer. Allpowerful Demon Lord 26 January 2020 16:48 Reply
        Claim for all of hell in the name of the demons who lived in RUSSIA
      2. James68678
        James68678 26 January 2020 21:02 Reply
        Well now Im logged in and I still claim it
        1. Yu Narukami
          Yu Narukami 26 January 2020 22:32 Reply
          Stup up
  2. Afghanistan999
    Afghanistan999 26 January 2020 08:06 Reply
    1. What part of this comic was incest?
    1. Eroforever
      Eroforever 26 January 2020 17:23 Reply
      I looked it up. Loan is Lincoln and Lori's daughter in the Loudcest fanverse while Bobby Jr. is Lincoln and Ronnie Anne's son in that same continuity, making Loan and BJ half siblings.
      1. FusWah
        FusWah 27 January 2020 16:59 Reply
        Wait what the fuck? The fuck is wrong with the fandom
  3. men
    men 26 January 2020 19:41 Reply
    i'm lonely
  4. Porn Inspector
    Porn Inspector 26 January 2020 21:00 Reply
    fuck yall claims im raping this shit till its so fucked up that it wont leave me alone
  5. Yu Narukami
    Yu Narukami 26 January 2020 22:32 Reply
    Claimed in the name of anyone who isn't a guest
  6. fuck
    fuck 26 January 2020 22:47 Reply
    i cant even fucking claim or do shit cuz it wont fuckin let me sign up for an account. i just want to sign up to claim some stuff but nope, tech just won't fucking cooperate. might as well be a fuckin boomer.
  7. Sexygirlzxx
    Sexygirlzxx 27 January 2020 05:40 Reply
    whats been with the claiming now a days????
  8. Charlie
    Charlie 27 January 2020 05:58 Reply
    It's funny, seeing that all the Russians have technically claimed this, whether they're dead or alive~
    1. Lord Shaxx
      Lord Shaxx 27 January 2020 06:48 Reply
      how's angel doing? tell vaggie to go easy on him.
      1. Albedo V2.0
        Albedo V2.0 28 January 2020 03:06 Reply
        SHAXX Dono angels are weak so leave them alone even Ainz Sama would laugh at them of how weak they are
  9. Holy Kujo
    Holy Kujo 27 January 2020 13:33 Reply
    Oh my
  10. Cayde-6
    Cayde-6 28 January 2020 01:02 Reply
    Okay, this is a neutral review, 8/10. 
    This is the real version of me, WHAT THE FUCK

    1. Cayde-6
      Cayde-6 28 January 2020 01:03 Reply
      Actually, I like the gifs, 8.75/10
  11. The dude
    The dude 29 January 2020 18:19 Reply

    I unclaimed it
  12. Guest Kevin
    Guest Kevin 1 April 2020 12:17 Reply
    Claimed because god asked me

  13. The dude boi ur somethin
    The dude boi ur somethin 8 June 2020 20:21 Reply
    Claimed for the things
  14. Guest Alice
    Guest Alice 7 July 2020 23:52 Reply
    Stop jerk off. I know a site where thousands of single girls are waiting to be fucked. Look at them