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Mother's Responsibility After - Vacatio

Artist: aarokira

7 pages
40 365
доп поле скриншотов
Comments (6)
  1. Jotaro Kujo(jojo)
    Jotaro Kujo(jojo) 11 November 2019 05:23 Reply
    No complaints

    My moms dead
  2. Thefuckinworm
    Thefuckinworm 11 November 2019 06:04 Reply
  3. Guest Brandon
    Guest Brandon 11 November 2019 06:38 Reply
    I really like how you made this one. It well very good art but it was too short. I’d love something with more of a story to it but also color but for a beginning pierce it’s good and I think you could make a line of comics to this story. You have a lot of potential take a risk and I know you can make a beautiful piece
  4. Joseph Joestar (Jojo)
    Joseph Joestar (Jojo) 11 November 2019 09:15 Reply
    Who would ever look at there mother is such a way?! I for one would never do that! 
  5. Jotaro
    Jotaro 11 November 2019 17:40 Reply
    Do you mean the Time you told me about peaking , when I was a Kid, That "peaking is normal,and you are gonna like it buddy, but after you now the real identity of that person you might have some regrets (speaking quietly to yourself : forgive me mother)" 
  6. Thicc memes 3000
    Thicc memes 3000 23 February 2020 16:05 Reply
    Damn that’s tough 😭😭😭👌👌👌your mom is oof 😔👌damn man RIP