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~Manatsu no YariCir Rankou Gasshuku~ - Distorted relationship 3

Artist: yasu

25 pages
25 946
доп поле скриншотов
Comments (8)
  1. Lamark28
    Lamark28 29 September 2019 00:30 Reply
    I have no idea on what to say , but what a cruel story yet i liked it
    MALICE 29 September 2019 05:09 Reply
    I have had my soul shattered enough times by comics like these that I don’t even give a fuck anymore. 

    Burn in Hell, oh dear sinner. 
  3. Guest anonymous
    Guest anonymous 29 September 2019 05:35 Reply
    good job author, the art is great, but why i can't get boner by the way? i think my dick even more confused than my brain lol
    5/10 since it make my dick feel strange
  4. Eh
    Eh 29 September 2019 05:38 Reply
    This guys gotta get new friends
  5. Guest lol
    Guest lol 29 September 2019 05:44 Reply
    i just read another chapter and can't help but think the woman in this story more like cheap fuck hole.
    i think if i fap into this, blood will came out instead sperm

  6. Nikolino01
    Nikolino01 29 September 2019 15:25 Reply
    Make more please