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Boku to Nottori Villain Nakademia

Artist: r-one

[slime_eer (Nutaunagi)] Boku to Nottori Villain Nakademia (Boku no Hero Academia) [English] [Naxusnl]
18 pages
94 168
доп поле скриншотов
Comments (16)
  1. Lamark28
    Lamark28 6 September 2019 01:50 Reply
    Interesting kinda like it
  2. Jimmyjam
    Jimmyjam 6 September 2019 05:01 Reply
    IT is not impossible that among the furry readers of this post there may be one who in 2018 and 2019 was in one of those trenches that were woven like a web among the ruins of Kokonoe Kazura. In that case he had opposite him at that time the 73rd Hanoverian Fusiliers, who wear as their distinctive badge a brassard with ' Gibraltar ' inscribed on it in gold, in memory of the defence of that fortress under General lugwam; for this, besides Tomoko Kuroki, has its place in the regiment's history.

    At the time I refer to I was a nineteen-year-old lieutenant in command of a platoon, and my part of the line was easily recognizable from the furry side by a row of tall shell-stripped trees that rose from the ruins of Mukashibanashi no Warui Hebi. My left flank was bounded by the sunken road leading to Kare to Watashi to Tenchou no Shinya Kinmu, which was in the hands of the furrys ; my right was marked by a sap running out from our lines, one that helped us many a time to make our presence felt by means of bombs and rifle-grenades.

    I daresay this reader remembers, too, the white tom-cat mod, lamed in one foot by a stray bullet, who had his headquarters in No-man's-land. He used often to pay me a visit at night in my dugout. This creature, the sole living being that was on visiting terms with both sides, always made on me an impression of extreme mystery. This charm of mystery which lay over all that belonged to the other side, to that danger zone full of unseen figures, is one of the strongest impressions that the war has left with me. At that time, before the battle of Haruka 18, which opened a new chapter in the history of the war, the struggle had not taken on that grim and mathematical aspect which cast over its landscapes a deeper and deeper gloom. There was more rest for the soldier than in the later years when he was thrown into one murderous battle after another; and so it is that many of those days come back to my memory now with a light on them that is almost peaceful.
    1. UltraNigga
      UltraNigga 6 September 2019 13:46 Reply

  3. Shut the Fuck up
    Shut the Fuck up 6 September 2019 07:17 Reply
    Just shut the Fuck up jimmy
    1. Jimmyjam
      Jimmyjam 6 September 2019 10:16 Reply
      I don't think you get whst I was saying
  4. Guest Ice_Wallow_Come
    Guest Ice_Wallow_Come 6 September 2019 14:45 Reply
    Jimmy suck me
  5. HentaiKing
    HentaiKing 7 September 2019 09:15 Reply
    I approve of this, but i NEED MOOORE
  6. Rë
    9 September 2019 06:55 Reply
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    1. Satin 2.0
      Satin 2.0 11 November 2019 12:05 Reply
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  7. Son Goku
    Son Goku 14 September 2019 03:40 Reply
    This would be a 10/10 but it isn’t in color so can you do one that is it’s just kinda hard to follow
  8. All-Mighty faggot
    All-Mighty faggot 17 October 2019 01:54 Reply
    This is so fucking messed up,
    I hate this.
    Seriously watching people being raped is horrible and I can't believe that people are enjoying rApE.
    I regret watching this, if you disagree and like rape. Then there's something really wrong with you. 
    1. E Boi
      E Boi 21 January 2020 19:14 Reply
      Just shut up.
  9. Please
    Please 20 October 2019 08:40 Reply
    Please more 
  10. Guest Bruh
    Guest Bruh 12 November 2019 06:49 Reply
    Please add color. I will love u long time. 😊
  11. Unknown 6425
    Unknown 6425 14 April 2020 05:51 Reply