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Kylie the Babysitter

Group: honey select
Artist: coinflip

23 pages
89 346
доп поле скриншотов
Comments (5)
  1. Fat ooooooooooooooooof
    Fat ooooooooooooooooof 22 March 2019 05:47 Reply
    The boy has tits like a transvestite
  2. Jaker1010
    Jaker1010 2 July 2019 21:06 Reply
    Check the tag it says futanari meaning he is a she or at the very least as the old saying goes “it’s a trap”

  3. LT668
    LT668 13 July 2019 01:10 Reply
    I don't know it that well, but seems more like a transgender/trap/femboy to me then what the story it self calls a shota. Either way the lil cutie is pretty hot to me.
  4. Meh
    Meh 22 January 2020 00:19 Reply
    Nope. It was made with honey select. In that game you can't really make a male Shota. You have to use the female form and to avoid Lolis, they made the vanilla breast slider to imcableble to make a good flat chest.