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Blossom's Gift

Artist: xierra099

29 pages
102 817
доп поле скриншотов
Comments (9)
  1. KingDragon1790
    KingDragon1790 20 July 2018 21:21 Reply
    4 of 5 recommend comics has the word gift in it two of witch are titeled "the gift".
  2. ruslik
    ruslik 22 August 2019 22:52 Reply
    Oh crap. He f*cked his daughter.
    It's an incest and pedophilia.

    1. Does that brother you
      Does that brother you 23 August 2019 06:49 Reply
    2. Hey Buttercup and Bubbles
      Hey Buttercup and Bubbles 7 October 2019 07:09 Reply
      fucked him too in "Buttercup's Game" & "Bubbles Glee" there not on here but you can find them online 
      GAY NIGGER FROM OUTER SPACE 20 October 2019 20:38 Reply
      First, in this comics she is not child, so its not a pedophilia. Second, he is step father of her, so, technically, it's not a incest. 
      But what I can tell, it is u gay лол
  3. Mad fan
    Mad fan 5 September 2019 16:16 Reply
    Author, I want to f*ck your ass and mouth, because YOU HAVE just RAPED my childhood's cartoon.
    I'm not gay, but everybody who made a porn art of my favourite cartoon or game must be RAPED by me. 
  4. .
    . 6 May 2020 00:51 Reply
    Actually this is part 1 of 3 comics and each comic has him fucking 1 of the 3 girls in each comic.

    P.S. The other two parts are not this site