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First adventure

Artist: lewdua

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (13)
  1. cunt lover
    cunt lover 11 October 2020 17:30 Reply
    oof that ogre dead muthafucka
  2. Satin 2.0
    Satin 2.0 11 October 2020 19:35 Reply
    God damn the potion seller THICC, I'm gonna order like 20.
    1. DigitalArt56
      DigitalArt56 11 October 2020 20:50 Reply
      nah satin go for the bigger numbers
    2. Skellman0
      Skellman0 12 October 2020 16:43 Reply
      Hey cousin how is it going
      1. Soul King Brook
        Soul King Brook 12 October 2020 17:28 Reply
        Well record sales are up and a lot of porn to look at so pretty good over here
  3. OHGAS
    OHGAS 11 October 2020 23:33 Reply
    you wanna know to get real STRONK? milk, lots and lots of milk, you'll also get a good mustache

  4. Guest Bale
    Guest Bale 11 October 2020 23:56 Reply
    Damn, the ogre is about to get his cheeks claped
  5. Kazuma Kiryu
    Kazuma Kiryu 12 October 2020 01:16 Reply
    I wanna start a fight and look extremely dumb with my grammar so Digital you up ye pussy?
    1. Goro majima
      Goro majima 12 October 2020 05:42 Reply
      Kiryu-chan you know im always up for a fight
  6. Person of disinterest
    Person of disinterest 12 October 2020 07:43 Reply
    Nice shit. Also I’d watch that fight.

    The orc and the potion seller should get with Pamela. Maybe it’s just a thought.
  7. I have no rights
    I have no rights 12 October 2020 09:52 Reply
    Should I be seeing triple or I just drink too much
  8. Red Waffle
    Red Waffle 12 October 2020 11:10 Reply



    potion seller

    "Hello, Potion Seller, I am going into battle and I want your strongest potions."
    "My potions are too strong for you, traveler."
    "Potion Seller, I tell you I am going into battle, and I want only your strongest potions."
    "You can't handle my potions. They're too strong for you."
    "Potion Seller, listen to me; I want only your strongest potions."
    "My potions would kill you, traveler. You cannot handle my potions."
    "Potion Seller, enough of these games. I'm going into battle and I need your strongest potions."
    "My strongest potions would kill you, traveler. You can't handle my strongest potions. You'd better go to a seller that sells weaker potions."
    "Potion Seller, I'm telling you right now; I'm going into battle and I need only your strongest potions."
    "You don't know what you ask, traveler. My strongest potions will kill a dragon let alone a man. You need a seller that sells weaker potions, because my potions are too strong."
    "Potion Seller, I'm telling you I need your strongest potions. I'm going into battle! I'm going to battle and I need your strongest potions!"
    "You can't handle my strongest potions! No one can! My strongest potions are fit for a beast let alone a man."
    "Potion Seller, what do I have to tell you to get your potions? Why won't you trust me with your strongest potions, Potion Seller? I need them if I'm to be successful in the battle!"
    "I can't give you my strongest potions because my strongest potions are only for the strongest beings and you are of the weakest."
    "Well then that's it, Potion Seller. I'll go elsewhere. I'll go elsewhere for my potions."
    "That's what you'd better do."
    "I'll go elsewhere for my potions and I'll never come back!"
    "Good. You're not welcome here! My potions are only for the strongest and you're clearly are not of the strongest you're clearly the weakest."
    "You've had your say, Potion Seller but I'll have mine. You're a rascal, you're a rascal with no respect for knights. No respect for anything...except your potions!"
    "Why respect knights...when my potions can do anything that you can..."
  9. Person of disinterest
    Person of disinterest 13 October 2020 09:38 Reply
    Ah yes the old I do net like green eggs and ham I do not like them Sam I am format. Good job sir. Wonderful story so far “brave sir knight”.