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Fox Me Gently

Artist: jd laclede

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (4)
  1. inkylore
    inkylore 26 September 2020 22:05 Reply
    its weird to me that the shark isn't bi-pedal 
  2. whatdidyoujustcallme
    whatdidyoujustcallme 27 September 2020 05:12 Reply
    did you know that sharks have to keep moving, they dont have the air sacks like regular fish. thats why you see them fall when they die. so when a shark stops moving, they also cant breathe so they die and fall
  3. Scott Steiner
    Scott Steiner 27 September 2020 06:08 Reply
    Sharks have everything a scientist dreams of. They’re beautiful, How beautiful they are! They’re like an impossibly perfect piece of machinery. They’re as graceful as any bird. They’re as mysterious as any animal on earth. No one knows for sure how long they live or what impulses―except for hunger―they respond to. There are more than two hundred and fifty species of shark, and everyone is different from every other one.
  4. Guest Idk
    Guest Idk 27 September 2020 23:44 Reply
    Actually, only some sharks have to sim most of there life, great whites and whale sharks for example, alot of other sharks can often be found resting on the seafloor, or even some that lie in wait down there