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Kanon-chou HibiKana Kyoku

Artist: sakura kotetsu
Parody: suite precure

Kanon-chou HibiKana Kyoku
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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (9)
  1. Soul King Brook
    Soul King Brook 7 September 2020 13:40 Reply
    The Soul King does not stand for middle school pornography
  2. Cob Cannon
    Cob Cannon 7 September 2020 14:24 Reply
    Ah yes, textbook hentai. Tentacles and underage girls. I approve
  3. Magos Dominus Afaghen LOGI-11
    Magos Dominus Afaghen LOGI-11 7 September 2020 15:48 Reply
    The Adeptus Mechanicus shall capture this creature of Slaaneshi heritage for further research. Thank you for cooperating with the Imperium of Man

    fucking lolicons ewww
  4. MerryWeather
    MerryWeather 8 September 2020 01:39 Reply
    Pedophilia is in no way tolerated, expect a minimum of 40 years in prison. 
    You cannot escape our eyes, we watch everyone.
    Watch yourselves, we're watching you.
  5. Goro majima
    Goro majima 8 September 2020 01:59 Reply
    As the mad dog of shimano not even i approve somebody is gonna catch a case
  6. Guest Why
    Guest Why 8 September 2020 05:03 Reply
    Why did someone spend time making this 
  7. Angeldust
    Angeldust 8 September 2020 11:06 Reply
    Doesn't matter to me I'm already in hell
    1. Oh no
      Oh no 8 September 2020 17:44 Reply
      Oh no it has reached this dimension we where able to stop it in the c€/bh dimension
      1. Oh no
        Oh no 8 September 2020 17:45 Reply