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Group: locofuria
Artist: akriel, soul joer

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (5)
  1. Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna 4 September 2020 17:57 Reply
    What is this? Who is this? Why is this? Is it hentai? No, Then what is it? Who was this made for? Question mark? Hotel, trivago?
    1. Squigly
      Squigly 5 September 2020 22:46 Reply
      Couldn't agree with you more Giorno dear.
  2. Random guy
    Random guy 4 September 2020 21:02 Reply
    Dafuck? Giorno took the words out of my mouth (or my fingers in that case) But really: this comic is Bullshit
  3. Person of disinterest
    Person of disinterest 4 September 2020 23:55 Reply
    In reality humans have bigger dicks than gorillas but I guess since He’s  magical and the fact that she too is now a gorilla it balances out I guess. All I’m saying is that normally any of the guys docks would be bigger.
  4. Papperachie
    Papperachie 9 September 2020 03:32 Reply