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Is your head only full of lewd thoughts?

Group: j no kakusei

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (2)
  1. Doom_slayer
    Doom_slayer 23 August 2020 08:09 Reply
    I feel bad for Shou he truly loves this girl but he's gonna end up being left for some idiot with a bigger dick, who only like the girl for her body and not for her
  2. Satin 2.0
    Satin 2.0 23 August 2020 21:31 Reply
    Poor man got cucked so hard his soul left his body...
    Well that's alright, the other guy is going to hell anyways.
    I'll be Shure to feed him to the razor succubus's... Y'know, the ones that are covered inside and out with razor blades. (They are new)