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It's Time for Extra Lessons

Artist: shou akira

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (3)
  1. GuestGuestForReal
    GuestGuestForReal 2 August 2020 14:39 Reply
    i mean it's hentai. not really into shota but i came to it because it's basic hentai minus the shota. claimed btw.
  2. Suck
    Suck 2 August 2020 17:04 Reply
    There's no shota 
  3. Leonmorté
    Leonmorté 2 August 2020 22:16 Reply
    To suck: the Kid is in middle school, at the very most he's 16. Not exactly sure how school works for Japan, but I believe their middle school is 5th to 9th grade, meaning he also could be as young as 11. My guess is he's either 12 or 13, making him a shota, though just barely